10 Must-Follow Oral Hygiene Tips

December 5, 2014

Where Would We Be Without Our Patients? A Dentist Without Patients Is Like...An Astronomer Without Stars, A Sculptor Without Clay, A Sailor Without A Ship, A Florist Without Flowers...You Get The Idea. We Need You As Much As You Need Us.

We Are Thankful For You, Our Valued Customer, All Year Long, Of Course. But In This Season Of Gratitude And Giving, We Want To Be Sure We Share With You Our Feelings Of Appreciation. Like Any Healthy Relationship, We Want To Say It, Not Just Think It. We Hope We Can Continue To Make You As Happy As You Make Us And Maintain Our Connection For Many Visits To Come.

Without Our Patients, We're Just People With Scary-Looking Tools.

Thank You, Dear Patient, And Happy Holidays.

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