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Would you like to find out why our patients choose Dr. Robert Gallegos and Dr. Ronald Jackson as their dentists in Middleburg, VA? We welcome you to read our patients testimonials to better understand why they love visiting us at Middleburg Smiles Dental Care for all of their dental health needs. Please feel free to contact our dental office today for more information and to set up your family’s next visit. We also invite you to contact our office or visit our social media pages to leave a review of your own experience at our practice. We are always happy to hear from our patients!

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Taylor Justice / Missing Teeth

“She can just walk into a room, flash her million dollar smile and the world is hers.” That’s how Whitney Justice describes her daughter, Taylor, thanks to the work Dr. Gallegos did to help create her gorgeous smile.

Because several of her adult teeth never formed, Taylor had missing teeth and faced teasing and name-calling. She needed specialized care to give her a normal looking smile as she grew. Whitney wanted to find a dentist who was capable of solving Taylor’s challenging case and came to Dr. Gallegos. She recalls, “I didn’t care if my military insurance covered it or not. Your teeth tell the story of who you are and tells a lot about a person.”

Dr. Gallegos coordinated her care and fashioned a special fiber-reinforced resin-bonded bridge once her orthodontics were complete. Now Taylor has the confidence to follow her passions as a mountain climber raising awareness for environmental causes and conservation. She has several sponsors, including Pantagonia and GoPro and recently gave a presentation at Harvard Medical School.

“All these things require self confidence and we don’t think she would have had the confidence to do anything without her smile,” her Mom said.

Middleburg, VA Dentists  -- Middleburg, VA Dentists -- Middleburg, VA Oral Surgeons -- Middleburg Smiles Dental Group - Whitney Justice

Whitney Justice / Restore Your Teeth

Whitney asked Dr. Gallegos to perform some cosmetic dentistry on herself as well. “He listened to what I wanted and we came up with a compromise. For very little cost I was able to do something really nice for myself.”

They are both very happy with their results and are glad they found Dr. Gallegos and Middleburg Smiles. “We wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. He’s top notch.”

Middleburg, VA Dentists  -- Middleburg, VA Dentists -- Middleburg, VA Oral Surgeons -- Middleburg Smiles Dental Group - Our Doctors -- Taylor

Carol O’Malley / Cosmetic

Carol remembers always being embarrassed about her smile. She recalls the kids at school calling her “fang” and she carried it with her well into adulthood. She resisted smiling very big and always wondered whether anything could be done. A friend finally encouraged her to do something about it.

She recalled being tired of “the Mill”, a phrase she says described her past dental visits. “My mouth is the only one I’m going to have so I wanted to take care of it with someone I trust.”

Then she heard about Dr. Gallegos and Middleburg Smiles. Her experience was unlike any of her previous dental visits. She was also relieved it didn’t cost as much as she thought it would.

“It’s worth it! “I’m still surprised when I see pictures of myself now. There really is a big difference. He’s the best dentist I’ve ever had.”

Middleburg, VA Dentists  -- Middleburg, VA Dentists -- Middleburg, VA Oral Surgeons -- Middleburg Smiles Dental Group - Our Doctors -- Taylor

Lysa / Restore Your Teeth

Lysa, who was an ESPN sports commentator, shows Hunter Jumpers, and sings the national anthem at special events, relies a lot on her smile. She is thankful she found Dr. Gallegos and Middleburg Smiles after a bad experience with some reconstructive dental work.

She absolutely trusts Dr. Gallegos and his team with her care and is especially thankful for the special care they have shown her father. Having reached his 88th birthday, he needed specific dental surgery. Dr. Gallegos coordinated his care and accompanied her dad to the procedure, along with his Patient Care Coordinator, Cindy.

“That speaks volumes. Dr. Gallegos is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I absolutely trust him and his whole team. Not only do they care but they are so professional and they make you feel comfortable.” She appreciates the special attention to detail that makes her feel special every time she visits. “He even knows what kind of music I like and every time I come in, they have it playing for me.”

She says that now, “I have never been happier with my smile.”

Middleburg, VA Dentists  -- Middleburg, VA Dentists -- Middleburg, VA Oral Surgeons -- Middleburg Smiles Dental Group - Our Doctors -- Taylor

Greg G. / Cosmetic

As a child, Greg’s teeth became dark because of tetracycline use, and although he had veneers placed on his four front teeth in the mid 80s, he was never happy with the result.

“I’m 54 years old and my teeth have been this way my whole life...you feel embarrassed and self-conscious - that’s what I lived with every waking hour of every day.” He decided it was time to make the investment.

Once a year, Greg heads to Florida to serve as a course marshall at the Players Tournament and it was through one of these trips that he struck up a friendship with someone who worked for a well-known periodontist. Greg shared that he was in search of a specialist - someone with expertise in full mouth restoration and his friend’s recommendation led him to Dr. Gallegos and Middleburg Smiles.

Within just a couple of visits, Dr. Gallegos restored 18 teeth with crowns and (veneers?)overlays, creating the brilliant smile Greg has always wanted. Although he lives about two hours away, he felt it was well worth the drive and the cost.

“It’s a major investment but this is something you don’t bargain shop for. It’s the finest dental practice I’ve ever been to. First rate in every way. Technology, expertise, the way patients are treated.”

Greg is thrilled with his new look and has peace of mind in knowing his dentistry will last him a long time. “The ultimate confirmation was when I went back down to Florida. You could just see it on everyone’s face when they looked at me.” Priceless.

Dr. Gallegos and his team are professional, thorough, and helpful. I felt that his assessment of my situation and his recommendations were clearly focused on my well being rather than an opportunity to "sell" me services. I am feeling relief at having more information about my dental issues (jaw pain, teeth chipping from grinding) and feel the options presented are very solutions oriented and I am well informed.

Debra Dickenson

Dear Dr. Gallegos, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful smile I now carry with pride. Due to a broken tooth, I had to face up to the extent of dental work needed. Having had a long history of dental problems, I feared major reconstruction or worse losing my teeth. I searched extensively for someone with a high level of experience. This however, never insures good doctor patient relations. You and your staff gave me more than I could have ever anticipated. You took me step by step and gave me many options to choose from. My anxious feelings were quickly taken away by both you and your staff's caring demeanor. I am so pleased with the results. Thank you...you gave me back my smile!

Heather Puskar

Dear Dr. Gallegos,

I want to thank you for the wonderful care I received throughout my invisalign procedure! I will miss visiting all of you & your kind words. Mark and I both thank you for my beautiful smile that allows me to share my happiness with others. Your expertise is flawless!

Renee M. Voce